Theses and defences

Our people supervise theses in English, some also in German, French, or Russian. We do supervise theses at:

Do not hesitate to choose a topic from the offer on your program website, or propose your own topic related to International Economic Relations.

Interested in studying for a Ph.D. with us?

Our people accept Ph.D. candidates in the areas of international economics, international business, development studies, or European integration.

Thesis defence at our department

The thesis defence is based on a presentation in which student describes:

  • a main goal of the thesis and also partial aims of individual chapters
  • methods applied in the thesis
  • primary literature
  • answers on partial aims of the thesis (incl. presented figures, tables etc.)
  • answer on the main goal of the thesis (incl. presented figures, tables etc.)
  • problems that emerged during the processing of the thesis, or possibly those for further research
  • answers on questions from a supervisor’s review
  • answers on questions from a opponent’s review

The presentation should take approximately 15 minutes. It’s prepared in PowerPoint.

  • Thesis defence at our department